Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

My mind wanders day in and day out this week, I'm having trouble staying focused. I should force myself to concentrate on what I'm doing, especially at work because it makes the time go by faster that way. Then all this week every time I come home from work ready to unwind and get my relaxation on, there's been a house full of my roommate's friends. One got stranded here because her flight back to DC was cancelled multiple days in a row, and the other times it's roomie's dance company friends hanging out before rehearsal. They're nice and all, but they play the same playlist of mediocre-at-best hip hop songs over and over again and dance around the kitchen, which she makes messy by cooking them all pasta and failing to wipe the grease and sauce splatters off the stove. All I want to do when I get home is put on some Barry White or something similar, change into some leisure clothes, and maybe watch something on tv or talk on the phone and just gradually unwind until shower/bed time.... So my little routine has been thrown off all week because my usual cozy relaxation hour is frought with tap dancers practicing hip hop moves all over the apartment, which is as annoying as it sounds.

However, some good things came about this week. I'm getting an extra week of work from this company the last week of February, and the financial boost that will bring is a welcome one. I also got two plants to take home from the office. One is a regular green leafy plant and the other has clusters of bright pink little blossoms. I'm going to put them in my room because I haven't put anything up on the walls yet, and just have a few candles and two picture frames on my windowsill, so they'll look nice and cheery.

Today a girl from the office approached me and asked me how long it took me to find work as a temp when I first got here. She wants to pack up and move to New York, and in a hurry, to do her work as an accountant and also pursue a career in music management. She doesn't even want to wait to save up money. I'm all for spontaneity, but New York is expensive and will swallow you whole if you're not prepared. I talked to her about my experience moving here and also about the time I moved to California. I can understand her itch to go somewhere new. I used to want to move to New York, but not anymore.

I wish I had more interesting things I could talk about on here. Hmmm... Nine more days until the Þorrablót. My favorite number!

I also have friends coming to visit soon! My good friend Kasey who lives in Minneapolis will be here the last weekend of February, then in March my friends Karin and (perhaps) Rob will be coming from Maryland for the St. Patrick's Day parade and festivities. My sister is also thinking of coming and seeing what all the Chicago fuss is about for her Spring break the following week in March. Definitely looking forward to the visitors.

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