Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Future Is Now

Well, I finally snapped a little bit. It was a slow snapping, one that took several months to arrive (or, depending on how you look at it, several years) and then once it was here it took a few weeks to complete. But the good news is that... In short, I'm no longer going to not do what I want to be doing in order to one day do what I want. I believe it has taken me anywhere from 5-10 years to learn that lesson, and hopefully I'll really learn it this time so I don't have to re-learn it yet again. At least I have it written down here as evidence. I put in my two weeks notice today at the call center, and will drive back east the second week of December.

I'm going to go to Chicago and if no work appears there I'll go to Maryland and work until I can start graduate school in The Motherland (provided that I'm accepted). That's my plan if I don't get the fellowship. *knock on wood 7-9-13* If I do get the fellowship all bets are off and so am I to start that process. I'll find out about that in December.

In the meantime, as many things as there are to like about Idaho (and I do), if I'm going to be leaving the country and going to school, it could be a couple of years before I'm living in the States again. And I don't want to spend the time after I leave wishing I had gone back to Chi-town to take care of unfinished business (seeing friends, taking those sketch-writing and improv classes, etc). So that's what I'm doing.

Now that I've gotten that decided, I feel better. I've had a major creative block for quite a while, and I think that I've managed to move that out now, my energy is up. My hands want to make things and my brain is hungry for learning. I'm so excited to go back to school, and to write more and have more new things to write about.

The things I'm thinking about for graduate school are a Masters in Old Nordic Religion and maybe even a postgraduate diploma in Preschool Teacher Education. Perhaps I can teach the babies about the All-Father and the Mighty Thor and Wise Frigga and Wonderful Freyja...

Wait, how amazing would a Viking Preschool be????? They could wear wool and fur tunics and say things like, "Fetch me my mutton and a flagon of ale!" The whole classroom could be designed to look like a longboat, and they could light bonfires on the playground and sing songs and tell tales! Oooohh...

No but truthfully, my favorite ages to work with in education are the little kids. (Probably because I can relate to them better?) I love watching those formative years and seeing how quickly they learn, and how excited they still are about learning! Plus it doesn't hurt that little kids are generally adorable, "say the darnedest things" (like the kindergarten boy who told me "Nice hair!" once when I was substitute teaching in his class), and they also get to do fun things in school like finger paints and dance time. (Rather, when I taught Spanish at a preschool in Oklahoma City that one semester in college, my students got dance time. What? It was fun!) So that's a thought that's turning around in my head.

So yes, I'm excited, and it's nice to feel excited and happy instead of impatient and frustrated. Also today at work when I went on break I had a voice mail from one of the staffing agencies in Chicago, so maybe that's a sign that this time around the City of Broad Shoulders will allow me a little work and prosperity, since I'm no longer denying my dharma. Or something..... Who knows. At least I no longer feel trapped and lonely, and by my own doing, no less!

I can't wait to traipse through the streets of Chicago with my pals again, and to sit around tables and laugh and talk into the night and then write it all down. (Well, not all of it.)



Finger paint

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