Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Routines

I had a little bit of a rough ending to my work day yesterday. There is a girl in my training class who was just diagnosed with cancer, and I've been telling her about alternative therapies she can do to help her through the chemo and make it easier on her. She sent me an email through our office email and asked me some questions about the things I recommended, and I took advantage of a free moment to email her back. Well my trainer, an older woman who is a little bit of a battle ax, caught me emailing and even when I explained to her that I was done and I was emailing this girl about therapies to help her, she scolded me like I was a little kid and made me close my email and said I wasn't allowed to open it again for the rest of class. So annoying. Then afterward she gave the whole class a lecture about how if we open our emails again when we're not supposed to she'll send us up to HR and get us in trouble, blah blah blah. I, of course, was not swayed. I disobeyed her, yes, but I did so in order to bring comfort to a fellow human being who is young, has no insurance, and is scared to death of the ordeal she is about to face. If given the chance I would do it again in a heartbeat. But nonetheless, it was still kind of taxing. Plus it's been cloudy and rainy all week and I haven't been taking my vitamins like I usually do so I've been feeling a little down anyway.

When I got home I made a snack and turned on the tv, and since I don't have cable at the house and only get about four channels, I ended up watching an episode of "Independent Lens" that was all about the creative giants of American advertising. Listening to them talk about rebelling against the safe bet and the status quo through their creative ideas really inspired me (maybe I'll try the advertising industry?) and I got really pumped thinking about how I'm not going to censor my own creative voice. So then I got all excited and started coming up with all these ideas, like storyline for a play that is beginning to take shape in the ooze of my mind, and a performance art piece I think would be really cool, etc.

Work ends at 10:00 at night, and by this time it was already nearing midnight, so I had to do something to calm down and get ready for sleep. So, seeing as I am now house sitting and have the whole place to myself, with no roommates to disturb, I ran a hot bath and soaked for over an hour while reading aloud from my "Teach Yourself Icelandic" book. It was fun, I kept laughing at the different phrases and thinking about how if I did have a roommate, what they would be thinking listening to that crazy girl in the bathroom laughing and saying things like, "What time are you going to meet Anna? I am going to meet Anna at eight thirty," and, "We are going to a concert on Wednesday with Erla and Björn," or "Reykjavík has many statues." I love reading that book, especially for the grammar exercises, which are unbelievably complicated. I've never lived in Iceland or learned the language formally, and I never even realized it had grammar until I started learning Spanish when I was about 11 years old. (In fact, back in the height of my Spanish studies in college I spoke much better Spanish than Icelandic.) So now when I go through this book, I get all of these moments of, "OHHHHH! Now I understand!" There are also plenty of moments of, "Oh my god, I've been saying that wrong for 28 years," which are equally fun and a little embarrassing.

So that ended up cheering me up plenty. There's nothing like soaking in hot water on a cold night and reading, writing, and embracing one's own special brand of weirdness.

This morning I had my usual breakfast, drank a cup of coffee with cream and a "whisper of cinnamon" as my sister and I like to say, and listened to music on my friend's ipod that he had to leave behind while he's out of town. He has some good music on there, and it's a nice way to start the day. Currently, I like to mix Kings of Leon, Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" (which reminds me of San Francisco), and a couple of tunes from Paul Simon, during his world music and "Graceland" years (which reminds me of family road trips, listening to those songs with my dad and talking). Anyway, gotta go to work again. Hopefully I don't get punished for helping people again! ; )

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