Thursday, February 11, 2010

To Thursday, With Love

I just wanted to follow up after my whiny post from earlier... Tonight, I got my routine back, and I feel so delicious. How embarrassing to be a creature of habit, and what a surprise! I'm still relatively young, shouldn't I be splashing around drunkenly in a fountain or skydiving or something on a Thursday night? No, in fact, I got just what I needed. A chat with my mom on the phone as I walked to the dollar store for drain cleaner and toilet paper. A delivery order of chicken phở and crab rangoon, which arrived while I was in the shower and one of my roommate's "annoying" dancer friends signed for. Our out-of-town guest, due to finally return to DC tomorrow afternoon, has been whimpering around for the last three days, in and out of a fever, crying on the phone to someone about her boyfriend who works in Germany, occasionally breaking out in hives, and complaining that no matter what she does (or how high we turn up the heat, much to my hot-blooded chagrin) she can't get warm, is lying wanly on roomie's bed with her eyes closed. I cheerily offered to make her some tea along with my evening cup of herbal sleepytime something-or-other from the natural foods store, now that I've gotten to watch two movies (Office Space and Paris, Je T'aime, roommate has a very wide selection that I'm working my way through) on the couch in my pajamas wrapped in my giant velour and faux sheepskin blanket. So selfish of me and yet, at the moment, I just don't care. Ahhhh, sweet, boring Thursday night at home. If I could somehow make you tangible and kiss you, I would!

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