Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I Did Today At the Reception Desk

  1. Learned how to operate the mail stamping machine, which was kind of exciting (sad, I know).
  2. Found out that the scary guy I caught staring at me over the top of a cubicle partition the other day (and who I assumed to be a psychopathic axe murderer disguised as a tax accountant) is actually just very shy and probably quite normal.
  3. Felt guilty for thinking that guy was an axe murderer this whole time.
  4. Realized I'm going to have to give up my beloved nighttime showers in exchange for morning ones for the sake of my hair styling this winter.
  5. Felt really shallow for even making a conscious decision about my daily hair care needs to that degree.
  6. Engaged in a getting-songs-stuck-in-each-other's-heads battle via instant message with my work buddy, the IT guy.
  7. Looked up some sagas and read about valkyries, daydreamed about being one. Wondered how one gets into the "choosing of the slain" game these days.
  8. Got the mail downstairs.
  9. Called to have my replacement cell phone replaced because it doesn't work.
  10. Was given a bag of m&m's and the other free potted flowering plant, which would have otherwise been discarded, "for Valentine's Day" by my IT work buddy. Did not eat the blue m&m's.
  11. Dispensed more moving advice to the girl who's going to New York.
  12. Played checkers and pool on yahoo with IT work buddy while trading friendly competitive insults and waxing philosophical about life, he dished out some wisdom.
  13. Surfed the net idly and looked up prices on humidifiers.
  14. Tried, unsuccessfully, to muster the enthusiasm for going out tonight, but resigned myself to going anyway.

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