Tuesday, February 2, 2010

English versus English

Dear French Roast Coffee served black with Sugar,

Thanks for this morning.

x Inga

*   *   *   *

I'm currently addicted to podcasts as an alternative to music for background noise while working, commuting, etc. They're free on iTunes and I regularly download them to replenish my supply on my iPod. Since Open University's "Ethics Bites" is no longer making any new episodes, I've branched out and found new ones to try. Some I've found on my own, others through recommendations. My current favorite is BBC Radio 4's "Woman's Hour," featuring a variety of topics (a true variety, not just how to lose weight, keep your man happy in bed, and put on your makeup in five minutes) to do with women. We've all heard the old adage that England and America are "separated by a common language," and what I am about to relate is no exception.

Today I was listening to an interview on "Woman's Hour" with a woman who claimed to be in love with stationery. After several minutes of wondering what on earth condoms had to do with stationery, and how anyone would have found occasion to become obsessed with them starting in childhood, and especially why someone would smell them, hold them in their hand, sort them and allow their young daughter to play with them, I realized that "rubber" is the English term for "eraser."

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