Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homage to Babyhood: A Day In the Life With Logan

One of the benefits of staying with Sara and Steve is that they come with a really cute, 11 month-old baby named Logan. I'm the oldest of three kids and fondly remember the days before both of my siblings (Thor and Sigrún) could talk, and just toddled around doing everything I asked and generally being adorable. Needless to say, it's been a very long while since I've lived with a baby full time. So I thought I'd highlight some of the things he brings to the table in the LIFE of INGAAAAA.

I sleep on a fold-out couch in the living room, which becomes Logan territory when he wakes up, which is usually when I'm in sweet, replenishing deep sleep. It's my own fault for staying up as late as I do, I've officially learned my lesson and resolve to go to bed earlier this very night. But no matter. By the time I finally open my eyes it's usually because he has crawled up to the sofa-bed and started pinching my toes. I sit up and see some version of this:

Then he likes to come up to the side of the couch and play peek-a-boo, during which time I usually sniff him and growl like a monster, which he likes very much. Apparently Sara sniffs at him too, so he's used to it.

(The flash makes him blink.)

After that I get dressed, eat breakfast, fold up the bed, and we spend a little time playing while Sara showers, tidies up, or goes on the computer.

We're watching you....

Then sometimes he gets a little cranky, which seems to mean he's hungry, so that's where Mommy takes over and feeds him.

Which makes him sleepy....

And then it's nap time.

After a while, poor Sara needs to get hyperactive Inga and re-energized Logan out of the house, so we all pile into the car and go run errands. One day I needed to buy a new pair of pants, so we went to the mall (yuck) where he discovered a three-way mirror and had a blast.

Then  we had to go to the grocery store to get, you guessed it, groceries.

Ah, the fruits and nuts section!

It's hard to stay awake in the car.

Then it's home to get ready for dinner, which is always exciting.
After that it's bath time, which, it goes without saying , is chock full of cuteness and is lots of fun. Like all babies, he loves naked time, when he gets to shed the textile chains of the Man and be free!

Woo! That was fun! The later it gets, the crankier he starts to get, and pretty soon it's time for bed.

However, with all the excitement of the arrival of this strange new creature called Auntie Inga, the first few nights were a little bit rough, with him waking up just when the adults were ready to crash themselves.

But it's ok because he's so darned cute, and now he's back on his regular sleep schedule. Well, that is an encapsulated version of what it's like to live with Logan. Apparently, being nearly one year old is a roller coaster ride of emotions, and comes with a soundtrack of impossibly sweet, almost cliché babbling that sounds like a cartoon baby. It's lots of fun and a lot of work for mom and dad.

This post was brought to you by: Graham crackers. Logan's current favorite.

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  1. What a cute boy you are living with now Inga.
    Looks like he is getting 2 new bottom teeth. Keep us posted Inga we do read it eventually.
    Talk to you soon.
    Mamma and the rest of the gaang