Sunday, October 25, 2009

Caramel Apple Ed Debevic's

Yesterday Sara's mom, Sue, came up to the city for dinner and caramel apple making. We went to this place in town called Ed Debevic's, which is one of those 1950s-inspired jobs that serves your basic burgers and fries, and where the wait staff dance on the counters to Blues Brothers songs and are allowed to be rude to you. In other words, the only restaurant where I could ever imagine myself successfully working. (I haven't totally talked myself out of applying for a job there, either, so stay tuned.)

Here are some photos from our meal:

I love this lady.

He loves that lady.

Everybody loves that baby.  

The staff danced to "Let Me See You Shake Your Tailfeather."  Our server was the one in the yellow.

And Logan tried soda for the first time (lemon-lime something or other). Welcome to the national addiction, sir! :) Water will never be enough again.

Then we came home and made caramel apples. Sara is quite the domestic goddess, always finding new recipes and crafty things to try. It was fun, although none of mine were deemed good enough to give away to people. THEY JUST CAN'T HANDLE MY GENIUS!!! Sigh. It's ok, because I'd rather eat them myself anyway. *whimper*

These are the ones that "made the cut".

 These are the ones that did not.

These are my two best ones. I call the one on the left "Summer of Love" and the one on the right "Crazy Lady." Can't you see her curlers and imagine her bathrobe?

I'm a serious artist.

                                She's a crazy craft lady!

Nom nom nom...

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