Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arrival: Chicago

Today's drive felt a lot longer than yesterday's, even though it was almost exactly the same in time and distance. Maybe because the terrain was a lot more monotonous. I got bored eventually, sick of my music and singing and since it was a weekday there weren't that many people available to talk on the phone.

But I did drive past the largest Christmas tree farm in Indiana, which was cool, I guess. Lots of baby Christmas trees. Pretty much what you'd expect.

Then the road crazies started setting in. I experienced this a LOT when I was driving cross-country moving to California. I drove to Oklahoma alone, where I picked up my friend Kevan, who drove the rest of the way through the beautiful West. But that part in the middle, where I was alone with nothing to do but stare straight ahead at land that looked like this:

...was rough. The road crazies set in.

This time they only lasted for a couple of hours, which is much better than a couple of days. I killed time by thinking about fried green tomatoes, and different ways to prepare bacon. Over the course of the whole trip I saw three groundhogs by the side of the road. Alive.

I finally arrived in Chicago around 7:30 p.m. I tried to take a good picture while battling traffic and fading light but it didn't work out. Rest assured, the city looked a lot like this:

I arrived at Sara's and Steve's apartment, gulped down a can of soup from a little store nearby that has beer and... soup. Then I ate one of the Orchard apples and hung out with my new temporary roommates. I've got my own little shelf in the cupboard, and a temporary parking sticker, and some luggage. Now I just need a job, and once I get that I'll get an apartment, then I'll start auditioning and taking classes and doing lots of other fun things.

Here I am eating my soup.

This is my favorite roommate and Sara. : ) Right now Logan (the one in mid-blink) is uncharacteristically restless and is staring at me and smiling. He's very distracting. I'm going to go smush him and and kiss him and try to help Sara get him back to sleep. Good night!

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